Episode 37: This Isn't Your Daddy's Star Wars

Welcome to Part 2 of our Star Wars: The Last Jedi review! Our pal and film aficionado Reid Nicholson takes us on a DEEP dive of the Last Jedi...complete with fun behind-the-scenes factoids, alt-right sabotage theories, & reasons why haters of the movie can suck it. Enjoy!

Episode 36: Zack Attack

Hi, friends!  We’re back, and just in time to review one of the best movies of the year.  That’s right.  We said it.  The Last Jedi does NOT suck.  In Part 1 of a two-part review, our guest is graphic designer, super Star wars nerd, and friend of the podcast Zack Owen.  Little known fact - Zack helped design our logo!  

Episode 30: This Episode Needs A Name

Episode #30, friends!  Whaaaaat??  We’ve never done 30 of anything.  (clapping for ourselves)  On this episode, we review #BladeRunner2049 (2049 is how many hours it took to watch it, hey-o!).  We also review #GeraldsGame and the bang-up job the movie did of adapting a tough #StephenKing book…talk about becoming your own hero.  Put us in your earholes and enjoy! 

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Bonus Episode: Raisin Bread

Hi, friends!  It's officially "after Irma," and we talk hurricane prep, anxious eating, and sleeping in a closet.  And while we lucked out and are back to normalcy, a lot of folks aren't.  Please think about helping out those affected by Irma and Harvey in the Caribbean, Florida, Houston, Tennessee, Georgia, West Virginia, and elsewhere.  A great place to start is at www.goingglobal.org or checking with local county/city websites to see how you can help.  We heart you!

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