Episode 54: Flip This House! | The Haunting of Hill House Review

Everyone is talking about Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House, the story of a house wreaking havoc on a young family. And for good reason! It's superior filmmaking...scary, sad, and smart. Do NOT watch right before bed. Trust us.

Episode 30: This Episode Needs A Name

Episode #30, friends!  Whaaaaat??  We’ve never done 30 of anything.  (clapping for ourselves)  On this episode, we review #BladeRunner2049 (2049 is how many hours it took to watch it, hey-o!).  We also review #GeraldsGame and the bang-up job the movie did of adapting a tough #StephenKing book…talk about becoming your own hero.  Put us in your earholes and enjoy! 

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