Legion Is Already Legendary...

Images courtesy of FX / Marvel

Images courtesy of FX / Marvel

To say this week's Legion finale was incredible would be an understatement...it was freaking fantastic!  The return of a secret government organization, a battle royale with the Shadow King, a kidnapped David, and a little Pink Floyd and T.Rex thrown in for good measure made the episode a truly satisfying ending to Legion's first season.  But let's be honest, from the get-go, this show has been an impressive psychedelic dream.  It's hard to write such a trippy story with no real boundaries without getting people lost.  It's even harder to bring it all to bear on the screen, but from the production design (Michael Wylie) to the music (Jeff Russo) to the characters, a very surreal and rich world has been firmly established.  And the cherry on top is that all of the actors are great, with standouts like Aubrey Plaza (WOW!), Jemaine Clement (LOL!), and Amber Midthunder (the new Summer Glau, thank you).  The women kick ass on this show, with Sydney Barrett saving David's life more than once, and Jean Smart's refusal to take shit from anyone.  There's humor, heart, and an originality to the mixture of genres and forms of storytelling.  We like to imagine that David Lynch, Cronenberg, and Terry Gilliam spoke to creator Noah Hawley in a fevered dream one night and boom - Legion was born.  But we get the feeling the insane saga of David and his fellow mutants has been crawling around in Hawley's brain for a long time...

The Name Is Cable...

Image from Instagram - @vancityreynolds

Image from Instagram - @vancityreynolds

After pictures popped up on Ryan Reynolds Instagram showing him with Pierce Brosnan and our favorite X-Men, rumors have been flying around the Interwebs that Brosnan had been cast to play Cable in the next Deadpool movie.  Could it be true?  Has the suavest Bond ever been cast to play one of the most badass Marvel characters ever??  Is Wolverine making a cameo?? WHAT IS GOING ON???  Anyhooter, do we think Brosnan will make a good Cable?  

LES:  No, I don't. He's way more suited for Bond or Remington Steele. Cable comes from a very difficult, rather dystopian future. Very grizzled and battle hardened. Stephen Lang or Bruce Willis would be better choices.  But, I'll take whatever Cable I can get. Especially when there is a possibility of Wolverine showing up in this movie.  That's what we should all be talking about!  

KIA:  BOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TV We're Going To Watch In 2017

In our latest podcast episode "Soup People," we discussed TV shows (both new & returning) that we're super stoked to see this year.  There is SO much entertainment on its way that we wouldn't be surprised if our list grows longer.  But for now, here's a quick recap of the TV shows we're looking forward to watching



You Don't Have To Like Them

We love Christmas.  We do.  Cynics be damned!  But we don't love all of the movies about Christmas, especially those that have been overblown, overhyped, and overplayed.  Here's our list of some of the most overrated Christmas movies ever.  Agree or disagree, but our opinions are fact.  

It's A Wonderful Life

Let's face it, this movie is depressing AF.  The crux of the plot is this man, a husband and a father with responsibilities, decides to kill himself and leave all those problems and responsibilities to his wife and kids.  Gee, thanks dad!  This movie is also proof, along with Mary Poppins, that the banks have been f***ing us over forever.  Not a reminder anyone needs during the holidays.

Christmas Vacation

This was the movie that made us realize that Clark Griswald is a sad sack whose ideal dream vacations and holidays are commercialized buckets of poop.  We'e surprised HE hasn't tried to jump off a bridge and leave it all up to Beverly D'Angelo to take care of those dysfunctional kids and family members.  Although, we do dig his attitude towards his yuppie neighbors.  Eat tree, f***tards!  


It's like someone gave Will Ferrell too much coke and then tied up the director and hid him in a close for most of the shoot while Ferrell ran amok.  Lots of absurdity, not enough story.  The end.  

Love Actually

A well-loved and well-parodied film that seems to have been watched by every human on earth.  But we ask you - where's the freaking Christmas in this movie??  Sure, it's set on or near the holiday but not one real Christmas f***ing moment to be found.  No children in wonder over reindeer or Santa.  No Christmas miracle.  And that's just one of the bones we have to pick about this movie.  Don't get us started on its clumsy take on holiday and romance tropes, flat characters, sexist treatment of its female leads, and the crappy ending Emma Thompson has to endure.  Don't get us wrong, we love a good cheesy romance flick, and ensemble movies can be done well.  It's a shame this doesn't qualify as either.   




If You Have a Few Minutes, Why Not Spend Them Crying?

Even though we'll cry like babies, we are over the moon to see Molly Shannon in a movie like Other People.  To say it's "about time" would be an understatement.  Shannon plays a woman with cancer who spends her remaining days with her loving yet quasi-dysfunctional family.  Lots of tears, but lots of laughs with a great cast that includes Jesse Plemmons, Bradley Whitford, Zach Woods, John Early, Keri Kenney-Silver, Retta and the almighty Joanne Squibb.  

Marvel's Legion Trailer Just Arrived, and We're Surprised!

To be honest, we didn't think this show was going to be very good.  How could you make a TV show about Professor X's son, the most powerful mutant ever??  But the trailer looks like a solid cross between Inception and Looper, and we totally dig Noah Hawley's weirdo Fargo series.  Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Aubrey Plaza, and our favorite Designing Woman (!) Jean Smart lead the cast. Exciting stuff!